We use Tesco as a supplier of Little Oaks uniform (polos, sweats, hoodies, cardigans, hats and drawstring bags), which are red with gold embroidery, as well as book bags for transporting items to and fro. Uniform is embroidered to order and is available from age 2-3. It is optional, though most parents choose to have at least a few items; children with older siblings who themselves have a school uniform are often particularly keen!

Whether or not you choose to buy uniform items, it is best always to send your child dressed in clothes which are easily washable, and not too precious. Simple clothing which the children can begin to manage themselves will help them go to the toilet independently once they are ready, as well as when dressing up in costumes for role play. For shoes, please consider Velcro instead of buckles or laces – this fosters independence whilst developing your child’s fine motor skills. We ask that you do bring some sort of book bag for your child (whether you purchase the uniform version or not) so that library books, artwork and other creations can make it home safely.

For most children, it’s handy to have a spare set of clothes at nursery when are using nappies or are toilet training, but less so later. Accidents happen, of course, but we have a supply of spare clothing that we lend in those circumstances and we just ask you to bring the items back laundered.

How to order your Uniform:

  • Go to www.tesco.com
  • Follow F&F Clothing, then Shop Uniform Embroidery Service
  • Start typing Little Oaks Nurseries Ltd into the box and available items will be displayed, starting at age 2-3
  • Select items and add to basket. Items are made to order, so…
  • Checkout and wait for the order to arrive at your home address