At Little Oaks Beaconsfield we continue to offer what we have been championed for at Penn Cottage - providing a gentle and homely environment where young children learn and develop as they play. It is a nursery school that prides itself on its ability to nurture children's confidence in their early years. It is a safe first step from home; a happy and enjoyable experience; a place to flourish and grow; a chance to have fun and make friends.

We maintain a high ratio of well-qualified and experienced adults to children enabling us to give individual care and attention. Children progress at their own pace and within their capabilities. They are encouraged to experience a wide variety of activities inside and outside the classroom to stimulate and excite their senses.

We believe in the importance of building trust and support between families and staff. We want each child to feel safe and happy and to leave with greater independence, an enthusiasm to learn and a feeling of self-worth.
During the time your child is with us we are delighted to advise and consult on school choices, which can seem an overwhelming decision. We are constantly striving to improve and enrich the experience we offer and are particularly proud of how well-prepared our children are for the next stage of learning.

Staff engage children's interests well and encourage them to participate in a good range of activities. They help children learn to play alongside others, to share and take turns in games.
Children benefit from carefully planned adult-led activities designed to promote their listening and speaking skills.

Term Dates

Autumn 2017

Term Starts: 13/09/2017

Term Ends: 13/12/2017

Half Term: 23/10 - 27/10/2017

Spring 2018

Term Starts: 08/01/2018

Term Ends: 28/03/2018

Half Term: 12/02 - 16/02/2018

Summer 2018

Term Starts: 23/04/2018

Term Ends: 11/07/2018

Half Term: 28/05 - 01/06/2018


Morning sessions (M,T,W)9:00 - 12.00£30 per session
Extended day* (M,T,W)9:00 – 2:30£50 per day
Morning* (Th, Fr)9:00 – 1:00£40 per session

*children bring a packed lunch


We do not currently take state funding. We operate with a child/staff ratio of 4 children to 1 member of staff, compared to the government limits of 8 or even 13 to 1. The state funding is insufficient for us to operate with our ratio and we are not prepared to reduce this, believing that individual attention and nurturing are important elements of what we offer at our nursery. However, conscious of the rising costs to families, and believing that parents are entitled to financial assistance from the government, we are exploring the option of registering for funding so that a part of the cost is covered. We would then request a contribution from parents to bridge the gap between the funding and the actual cost of a place. We pledge to keep you posted on any progress.

Fees are reviewed on an annual basis.